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We award badges to accounts verified to belong to Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS personnel. If you want to be verified and receive a badge on your account please email us for instructions.

Join Up

  • Rookie

    Every month
    Recurring Membership Renewal
    • Access to the Briefing Room
  • Sheepdog

    Discounted 1-Year Membership
    Valid for one year
    • Access to the Briefing Room
  • Salty Veteran

    Every year
    1-Year Membership plus a vinyl decal and morale patch
    Valid for 4 years
    • One Year of Full Access to the Briefing Room
    • Vinyl Window Decal
    • Morale Patch w/ hook & loop backing

Why Charge? Well, because like anything in life some people just want to cause trouble so we figured a small fee would keep the trolls away. Most people wont spend money to abuse people online so this fee keeps them out... you know, like a pay toilet.

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